Australia Sunshine Sports Program – Study in Australia


Australia Sunshine Sports Program

Study in mainstream schools in Australia; get engaged in sports activities; participate in overnight camping; experience Dream World Theme Park; Visit three famous cities in Australia.

Australia Sunshine Sports Program Features:

1. Experience the Three Big Cities in Australia

Experience the prosperity and charm in Sydney, study and live the life in Brisbane, release passion in the theme park in Gold Coast and give yourself a different vacation.

2. Study in Australian Sports School

Go to the sports elite schools in Queensland, study with Australian buddies and participate in sporting activities with Australian buddies to build up team spirits.

3. Enter the Sunshine Sports Classroom

With professional coaches, swimming in Springfield Swimming pools, playing basketball on jumping bed floor, surfing in fine beach, playing tennis in grass court, and playing golf with Australian buddies.

4. Participate in Camping Activities

Hiking, camping, archery, horseback riding and other outdoor activities. Outdoor Learning is not only an effective means for quality education, but also is an effective complement to the content of modern school education.

5. Appreciate the International English Course

Get to know about Australia and learn to communicate with Australians, learn to be able to share your own life experience in English, and understand the indigenous cultures of Australia and the significance of multicultural penetration for Australia.

6. Experience Dream World Theme Park

Everyone has a dream. Dream world theme park is Australia’s most famous “Disneyland” park style theme park, which is famous for igniting the dreams in the hearts of children.

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Visit the China-Australia Mind Education Group website – – for comprehensive information about our services for those who wants to study in Australia, explore Australia or China and to teach English in China. You may also contact us on (07) 3218 2107 or email us at


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