Advantages Of Living in China


You will be pleasantly surprised by daily living in China, particularly when you are a westerner, compared to what you may expect from what you see in the pictures of China abroad.

Please bear in mind that China is ethnically homogeneous, unlike the USA, UK, Singapore, etc. Your experience living or traveling will differ from locals, as you will continuously stand out in the crowd and be handled with (nearly consistently favorable) interest.

Here are some Advantages:


  1. Freedom: It would surprise most people in western countries, for instance, that China has fewer rules that will affect your daily life as a tourist or expat. Usually, so long as it is business as usual and no one is getting harmed, the rules on the road are quite relaxed. The cops are around but don’t make their rounds strictly.
  1. Price: Many fundamental expenses in China will be a fraction of the price of West Europe or North America, for instance, things like bottled water, basic meals not to mention the best public transit.


  1. Public Transit: Cities big and small have extensive public transit systems of anything from tuk-tuks (three-wheeled motorized vehicle used as a taxi) to buses you’ll be able to use with fundamental Chinese culture, to light rail to an associated metro system. All these local transportation system options are connected to China’s astonishing different kind of trains which range from older, slower versions to 300 kilometers/hr bullet trains. The bullet trains are making it simpler than ever to get from city to city without going through wide-ranging security or leaving your bags.
  1. Friendliness: Locals in each state are happy to find you in China and will greet you with smiles and return yours. Yes, China is packed and frequently we’re too busy to give you tons of time or center, but foreign travelers usually discover the Chinese locals outgoing and willing to participate you in any scenario! Need help? Simply ask locals and they will help you, use body language if they cannot speak English.
  1. The diversity of provinces and cities: China is enormous and populated country. This implies that there’s a remarkable diversity of individuals and areas, despite what foreigners may understand about China. The local dialects, architecture, history, cuisine, customs and approach may change considerably from province to province. Even the most famous game, Mahjong, “mum jiāng pái ” (麻将牌), changes in its rules and game pieces from province to province.


  1. Food: Chinese food is mostly misunderstood in western countries. It’s frequently limited to fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. Not knowing Chinese food are a lot and there are many selections of food to choose from! The variety of Chinese food, like Mahjong rules, changes considerably from city to city and province to province.


These are just a couple of the advantages of living in China. Two more excellent points for a foreigner to travel or live there would be to learn the language of Mandarin Chinese, the most widely-spoken language on earth. Also, their history is longer than your history. This is what initially attracted everyone to visit China: it’s one of the world’s oldest civilizations with thousands and thousands of years of continuous history.


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