About China-Australia Mind Education


China-Australia Mind Education is the first international school in Australia for education and cultural exchanges, sponsored by the Beijing Normal University and the University of Queensland, Australia Professors Educational Studies in the establishment of the Central China and Australia as well known specialises in instruction mentoring project preparation and implementation, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with offices in Beijing.

China-Australia Mind Education is a global firm founded by teachers from Beijing Normal University and the University of Queensland. The firm was created to support educational services for students and teachers in China and Australia, specifically to:

• International study programs including short-term study tour and long-term study tour
• Journey to study Chinese culture
• Teacher professional development systems
• Leadership projects for high school students

China-Australia Mind Education, with state-of-the-art method of international education, a first class team of teachers, professionals and educational activities, teachers and students services between Australia and China, and it aims at creating an international vision for the pupils, deepening their ethnic knowledge, and strengthening their development ability, to educate future gifts with international all-inclusive quality.

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At present, the primary company comprises the winter and summer camps to experience international study in Australia for Chinese students; Chinese Culture Experience Tour in China for Australian teenagers; International development training for Chinese Primary and Secondary school teachers;

The leadership project for exceptional pupils in primary and secondary schools in China and Australia, etc.. These jobs were created for different groups to help teachers and pupils in China and Australia to locate their potential and enhance their own quality through the proper manner, to lead them to become future international intercultural scholars, professional educators, and possible leaders.

China-Australia Mind Education works closely with Beijing Normal University, the University of Queensland, top businesses and associations. Our project managers, education experts, and technology specialists work collaboratively with clients to produce high-quality results.

Now, China-Australia Mind Education improves its leading role in education by supporting their students and teachers to go beyond their potentials. At China-Australia Mind Education, teaching is greater than the company. We love Education. It can create the world-changers of tomorrow. It can create the leaders of tomorrow.

China-Australia Mind Education offering these following services;

Winter and Summer Camps to Experience International Study
To realize your dreams of studying abroad by virtue of a holiday! Immerse on the world’s well-known universities to experience the feeling of Australian classrooms; stay into the Australian families to experience the varied cultures in Australia.


The Journey to Explore Chinese Culture
Study China to see majestic mountains and amazing rivers, and a broad assortment of food that’s more than it is possible to attend to; people there are as intelligent and kind as you but talk an alternate language. Come and listen to its narrative and feel its appeal, to search for the changes it once experienced and to locate the Chinese miracle taking place there today.

International Training for Teachers’ of Primary and Secondary Schools
Participate in the teacher training endeavors of the Queensland Department of Education, Australia; learning the second language teaching methods of Australian schooling specialists.

Middle School Students’ Direction
Middle school students’ direction unique training provides the greatest leadership qualities promotion chance for each pupil through specific training on many facets of skills of the pupil.

For complete and comprehensive info, see China-Australia Mind Education Group website at http://mindeducation.com.au. You may even contact China-Australia Mind Education Group through e-mail at china-australia@mindeducation.com.au. or through telephone: 86 18600397913, 86 15536739966, 61 406179886(澳洲) for enquiries or questions.

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